Dear Valued Customers,

In the very near future our brand new Conservatory Edition line of pianos will be available for sale. We will offer two new grand piano models and one new upright model. The grand pianos will comprise of the model CE 148 at 4ft 10 ins and the model CE 175 at 5ft 9 ins. The upright will be the model CE 118 (46 ins.)

For more information on these three new models please visit the section products in our homepage.

To better distinguish between our different lines of pianos we have changed the Brodmann model references on our instruments.

Our existing Piano Line, formerly called BU (for Brodmann Upright Pianos) and BG (for Brodmann Grand PIanos) will now be called PE for Professional Edition. So for instance, the BU 121 will become the PE 121 and the BG 187 will become the PE 187. Because of the nature of manufacturing, you will still find a number of some of the existing pianos with the BU and BG model number co-existing with the new PE models for a period of time during the changeover. These are exactly the same pianos, just re-badged for our new lines.

As stated Brodmann will now offer our new Conservatory Edition line of pianos which are designed with providing the entry level customer an exeptionally good value instrument available in a range of finishes and at an affordable price. Brodmann Professional Edition grand and upright pianos still represent terrific value for money and are enjoyed by amateurs, institutions and professionals alike.

IN 2009 we will introduce our Vienna Editon, pianos which will be hand finished in Vienna by our own skilled technicians. This will be referred to as the VE Edition and completes the Brodmann range of pianos. More information on the Vienna Editions will be available next year.

Christian Hoeferl

Colin Taylor

Joseph Brodmann Piano Group