Worldnews: The Brodmann Hard Rock Piano at GREIN ITALIA Via Pitagora Affi, Oct. 4-7th

On October 4th 2007 Italy´s first official presentation of the sensational new “Brodmann Hard Rock Piano”, will take place at

Grein Italia,
Via Pitagora 4,
37010 Affi (Verona)
from 4th to 7th October

Come, see and experience first hand, this acoustical and visual highlight. The Brodmann Hard Rock Piano will be played on the hour from 10:00 - 17:00.

The innovative Joseph Brodmann Piano Group in conjunction with its own Development department and design team has designed this new and unique Grand Piano, which breaks new ground in the design and versatility of grand piano production.

The Joseph Brodmann Piano Group is looking for Representatives and Dealers in Italy. In the PDF you will find more information in italian language: The History of Brodmann, Brodmann today, the product range, all quality items and our Product Philosophy. (Brodmann Folder, italian)

The Brodmann Hard Rock Piano is a worldwide exclusive, produced by the internationally renowned Viennese Joseph Brodmann Piano Group in partnership with Grein Tec, the leading company for “Thin Stone Technology” in Austria.

The Brodmann Hard Rock Piano, is “Made in Austria” and as a new and unique development, it is guaranteed to be “one of a kind” and therefore also exclusive and unique in its price.

The Co-operation: Grein Tec Company

The Grain Tec Company was always on the lookout for new and innovative products, new designs and challenges to promote the exclusiveness of their business. When approached by Brodmann pianos as a possible partner, the Grein Tec Company immediately recognised the potential of the project and they formed a co-operation of the highest quality with the Joseph Brodmann Piano Group.

Joseph Brodmann Piano Group already has in its program several “Special Editions” models of both upright and grand pianos. In addition to the black polished instruments and the wood veneer piano models in mahogany, pommele, burl woods and other wood veneers, Brodmann concentrates on new exclusive and unusual designs.

Grein Tec GmbH owns the special patented technique to produce thin rock sheets which are three dimensionally workable into a new product. In this instance the stone which is used in the construction of the Brodmann Hard Rock Piano is granite.

The product: The world´s first Granite Piano.

The world’s first piano that is covered by natural granite sheets is the remarkable product of this cooperation.

Enormous care has been taken to obtain a perfect even smoothness of the flat surfaces and precise craftsmanship was needed to ensure the accuracy of the edges and curved surfaces, while the application of the granite sheet to the inner rim of the piano turned out to be the most challenging operation.

The granite, which was sourced from Norway, is polished to a thickness of 0.3mm, is being applied to the flat surfaces of the instrument, then treated with a special procedure, that lets the character of the different pieces of granite and its wonderful figuring and patterns reveal their natural brilliance and beauty.

The powerful combination of the know how and the innovative power and the technical expertise of two successful businesses, the Joseph Brodmann Piano Group and Grein Tec, have made this unique instrument possible.

We are certain this wonderful Grand Piano will be a special highlight in any location, be it a private home or in a public space.


Natural granite veneer

Natural granite foil is a 0.3mm granite sheet which is applied onto a surface by a special patented process. This way the natural granite becomes three dimensionally shapable. Even very complex shapes can be covered with this granite foil, and therefore these shapes appear to be made of solid granite.  back