The Joseph Brodmann Piano History

Carl Maria von Weber was not only a composer, but also a conductor and an accomplished pianist. His piano compositions showed a fertile imagination and a brilliant technical command of the piano. Weber com-posed a number of well known compositions on his instrument, amongst which are the operas Euryanthe and Oberon, several large choral works, 2 symphonies, 2 piano concertos and 4 sonatas as well as numerous songs.
Brodmann’s innovations in cabinet design made his instruments sought after not only by musicians, but also Vienna’s high society at the time. Examples of Brodmann pianos are still in working order in the piano collections of the Vienna Arts and Berlin Museums today. One of these pianos built in 1815, has a completely hand carved case with bronze fittings.
Joseph Brodmann’s original address in Vienna was at no 43 Glacis, Josefstadt (8th District), later 226 Johannes Street, which is called today Lenau Street 10, where he also had his workshops.
Ignaz Bösendorfer studied in the workshop of Joseph Brodmann from the age of 19 years, where he finished his apprenticeship. A great master found an ingenious pupil who took everything Joseph Brodmann had taught him and began to produce from 1828, when he took over Joseph Brodmann’s work-shops the world famous Bösendorfer Pianos. There are still early examples of Bösendorfer pianos today which state on the nameboard “Ignaz Bösendorfer pupil of Joseph Brodmann“ and “Ignaz Bösendorfer made in the workshops of Joseph Brodmann“. It would be true to assert that even today in every Bösendorfer piano, there is a little part of Joseph Brodmann’s designs and teachings.  back