Siemen C. Lassche

Joseph Brodmann Piano Group announce the new Sales Manager for the Benelux countries. - Siemen C. Lassche

Brodmann Pianos are delighted to announce the appointment of Siemen Lassche, as their new Sales Manager for the Benelux countries. When announcing this important development in the continued growth of Brodmanns business in Europe, Colin Taylor, the President of Brodmann Pianos said how delighted he was to have secured the services and assistance of one of the leading professionals in the piano business in Holland over the past 30 years. Brodmann is expanding its dealer network throughout Europe during the second half of 2007, and this is just the first part of this strategy now implemented.


Siemen started his business career in music in 1967 in the retail sector and worked for several major piano and organ retail companies in The Netherlands. Until very recently he has also very successfully represented the Bsendorfer brand in the Netherlands for the past 20 years.


In 1978 he became vice-director, commercial affairs for the Yamaha piano importer for The Netherlands where he gained invaluable experience in all aspects of the wholesale and retail trade and there he developed many international relationships with artists, retailers and manufacturers.


In 1989 he established a joint-venture company with Suzuki Corporation in Japan (The owner and manufacturer of the world famous Hammond Organs) for the distribution and marketing of Hammond Organs in Europe. Currently this company is 100% owned by the Suzuki Corporation in Japan Siemen has now become President of Hammond Suzuki Europe.


Because of his long experience in the Piano business and his personal love for the acoustic piano (he initially started studying classical piano) Siemen is ideally suited to represent Brodmann pianos in the Benelux market.