A personal note from the owners of Brodmann

Many of you have followed the media reports concerning the sale of the famous Austrian based Piano manufacturer Bösendorfer. We really appreciated the many calls, mails and letters of support we have received over the past months, wishing us the best for this possible transaction.
Working for Bösendorfer in key executive positions for many years and originally designing Brodmann to be the second line of Bosendorfer, we felt it would be a great opportunity to again reunite these two old
names in the piano industry.
There were dozens of interested parties who wanted to purchase Bösendorfer but after about 6 months only two contestants were left in the race, Yamaha and Brodmann. The world’s largest producer of music instruments and a company barely three years old. What an achievement! On November 27th we were even declared as the winner of the bidding process by the board of directors of the Bawag bank, then owner of Bösendorfer. Sadly within hours this decision was overturned and to this day we have not been informed why.
Even though we are very disappointed and would have liked to see Bösendorfer stay in Austrian hands, we wish Yamaha the best and hope and trust they remember what a Jewel of Austrian heritage they have bought.
Allow us to thank our great team of advisors and financiers that were involved in this project, namely, KPMG’s Mr. Klingler and Mr. Loimayr and EKfin’s Mr. Haberzettel, Mr. Lechner and Mr. Premm. They were great to work with.
Pursuing this opportunity has not changed the core business ideas and goals of the Brodmann Piano Group, which is to produce tremendous quality instruments at affordable prices. And frankly, we are very good at that. Thanks to all of you, this has been an outstanding year for Brodmann.
We have increased our production and our sales by 40%. We will increase further in 2008 by at least another 30%. Thanks to the testimonials we receive almost daily, we can feel how satisfied you are with our products. We have released 4 more models in 2007 and will further grow our product line in 2008
- the year you will see the first grand pianos leaving our Viennese production facility.
Again, thank you for your support in the past. We now look forward to a bright future and hope to further gain your trust and grow our business together.