Brodmann’s new world headquarters

“It’s about time we found something“, Brodmann’s CEO sighs. “We have been looking for quite some time, but now we are very pleased with our new location“.

Brodmann is moving one mile south from its current location in Vienna’s fourth district to a new larger facility which offers us a greater range of possibilities.

The move has been overdue for some time due to the recent growth of the company. “In the past 3 years we have added a substantial number of models and sizes to our range and our current location simply was not big enough to show a good representation of all models of each piano”. Mr Taylor states, and adds: ”We are very pleased that at the same time as the launch of Brodmann’s new Conservatory Edition we have found a new home which is more than four times the size of our old location.“

The new location in Vienna’s Kudlichgasse 24, will not only give added floor space for the showroom, but also a larger office facility, a large warehouse, and plenty of production and workshop space.

“For the first time we will have individual selection and practice studios where anyone can try out the pianos for an extended period of time in an acoustically controlled environment“. Mr Hoeferl states.

Mr. Hoeferl also stated that Brodmann will need a lot more space in the very near future for an exciting new project which he was not currently at liberty to reveal. He just pointed to watch out for a press release which is planned for October 1st 2008.

The move should be completed around September 15th. The email addresses and telephone numbers will remain the same.

For more information please contact Brodmann at: info@brodmann-pianos.com

New Address:
Joseph Brodmann Piano Group
Kudlichgasse 24
Vienna 1100