Brodmann Music Centre

The Brodmann Music Centre building project is finally underway:
After months of planning our construction crew are now on site to create the most exciting Music Centre.  This Centre is designed to allow all our Brodmann Piano, Brodmann Digital Piano and Brodmann Acoustic dealers and Partners from all over the world an opportunity to visit our headquarters and select from the huge range of all our products expertly displayed. It is also designed to serve the music community of Vienna and Austria.
The following departments have been created:
1. Brodmann Piano Salon:           
For the first time Brodmann will open its doors to the local music community. Brodmann will now open 2 exciting new Piano Salons to offer the entire range of Brodmann Upright and Grand Pianos as well as our new Brodmann Digital Piano lines. We are able to offer exciting rent to buy programs as well as financing. Please visit us from January 1st 2010 in our brand new Piano Salon.
2. The Loft:         
Our state of the art Hi-Fi listening Studio will open December 15th 2009. If you thought you have good speakers at home and you have a great music experience with your current stereo system, come in and listen to what some critics and Stereo magazines call the best Speaker Systems in the world. Take time and bring your own CDs and allow Brodmann Acoustics to surprise you. The Loft recreates a home environment experience to listen and learn more about these world famous Speakers. Allow us to show you what is possible in the ultimate Hi Fi.
3. Studios:           
Do you need to prepare for a concert? Do you have problems with your neighbours?  Do you want to practice on first class instruments? Please visit our 5 brand new Brodmann Studios located within the Brodmann Music Centre. For a very reasonable fee you can choose to play on a Concert Upright Piano or on superb Grand Pianos. If there are two of you and you need to practice on two pianos, no problem, in our Studio 5 we have two grand Pianos as well as enough room for an ensemble to practice. Studios One and Two are already open for use and three more will be open by January 31st.
Please contact Natascha on 01/890 32 03 if you want to book your studio.
4. Piano Technical Shop:
Not everyone needs a new piano right now, but if your own piano needs just tuning or some small repairs carried out to it, no problem. Speak to one of our fully trained and qualified expert Piano Technicians and let him show you what is possible with your used pianos. Any repair on any piano. Our professionals have decades of experience.
For further information please call 01/890 32 03 and ask for Michael Weninger
5. Brodmann Jazz Club:  
The Crown Jewel of our new location, still 9 months away- the opening of the new Brodmann Concert venue. It will be breathtakingly stunning, having a unique ambiance.  Watch this space for more details, coming soon - June 1st 2010.