The Joseph Brodmann Group has developed three distinctive very clearly defined tiers of Brodmann pianos for our customers to select from.

The CE range - Conservatory Edition
The PE range - Professional Edition
The AS range - Artist Series.

From a price conscious value for money CE range, through the well-established PE range, widely accepted as the leading piano in its class, to the top of the range, Made in Germany Artist Series

Brodmann Pianos is able to offer some stylish designs Special Edition Grand Piano models in their PE range. Namely the Brodmann Strauss model and the Two-Tone Model.

Brodmann can also offer Mahogany and Walnut polish finishes in certain of its PE range grand and upright pianos.

Conservatory Edition (CE)

A piano line for the aspiring pianist, in a quality level unparalleled on the market and the perfect Piano line for the price conscious buyer with the
Brodmann stamp of quality and reliability.

Grand Models:
CE 148, CE 175 

Upright Models:

CE 118    

These pianos components are all sourced from the Far East, but will be subject to Brodmanns strict quality control.

Professional Edition (PE)

With its well-known, wide range of grand and upright pianos, the Professional Edition range is well respected and widely accepted as the leading piano in its class - for players and institutions alike.

Grand Models:
PE 150, PE 162, PE 187, PE 212, PE 228

Upright Models:
PE 116,  PE 121, PE 123, PE 125, PE 130                          

The Professional Edition is fitted with top quality selected European parts such as a Strunz soundboard and ribs from Germany, Abel hammers from Germany, Rosslau strings and an action designed by Langer from Great Britain. Wood finish models in Mahogany and Walnut polish are also available in selected grand and upright sizes.

Artist Series   (AS)

The Brodmann Artist Series pianos are Made in Germany and represent a combination of the finest piano designs coupled with the skills of European craftsmen. Only the finest materials are used in the
Production process, such as Kluge Keyboards, full Renner Action, with a choice of Abel or Renner hammers, Canadian Bolduc soundboards,  ribs and pin-blocks as used by the worlds leading piano manufacturers.
The Artist Series are designed for the quality minded and the professional players, Institutions and Concert Halls.

Grand Models:
AS 188, AS 211, AS 227, AS 275

Upright Models:
AS 132