Service & maintenance of your Brodmann piano

Maintenance and care of your Brodmann piano
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A Brodmann piano consists of thousands of different moving parts, all of which have been expertly set up, regulated and tuned by the factory to produce the final instrument you purchased. It therefore makes sense you will want to maintain and preserve your piano at the highest possible standard, ensuring you protect your investment to the full for years to come. Regular maintenance and care by fully qualified piano technicians will ensure the original factory settings remain intact and this will add to your long term enjoyment of the instrument.


Climatic factors such as temperature or humidity changes may cause the precise tuning of your piano to vary. Also naturally over time the tuning will alter due to the tension of the strings which constantly alter due to the temperature and humidity changes.
If your piano receives normal use, we advise you to have your instrument tuned 2 or 3 times a year. Instruments which are being used more frequently are being tuned more regularly still. Each Brodmann Dealer has highly qualified piano tuners at their disposal among their staff or can recommend an expert to you. The pianos are manufactured in the factory at a tuning pitch of A440 Hertz.


The voicing or toning of your piano is to a certain extent a matter for your own individual taste. In general the voicing of a piano can vary from a more brilliant tone to a slightly softer tone. Over the course of time, the tone of a piano becomes brighter as the hammer felts become more compressed at the point they strike the strings.
From time to time therefore it will be necessary to voice or tone the instrument. This is a service that given normal usage, a piano will require every 2-3 years. The voicing of a Brodmann calls for a very high level of specialised knowledge and skill. Therefore we strongly advise you to have this work carried out by a specially trained piano technician, in co-operation with your own Brodmann dealer.


The action and keyboard of your Brodmann consists of over 5000 separate parts which have all been expertly set-up and precisely regulated during production. In time as the piano is used, these optimum factory settings will gradually change. Therefore it will be necessary to carry out regular maintenance to the action and keyboard in addition to the tuning and toning service. Only a well maintained and regulated piano will allow you to achieve the control of the action you have come to expect, with the touch you are accustomed to. Given an average use of a Brodmann, we recommend to have a full service on your piano at least every 3 years, and more frequently if you play and practise more heavily. We recommend the regulation service is carried out by the experienced experts from your Brodmann dealer.


The cleaning of your new Brodmann piano should be restricted only to the surface casework. The internal parts of the piano require special cleaning materials and tools, which will be carried out by the piano technician.
To clean the surface you should use a smooth duster which can be slightly moistened if required. A soft furniture polish may also be used for the more stubborn marks, but not one which contains beeswax.
The strings should not be touched with your fingers, as any moisture which is transferred to the strings may cause oxidation and lead to discolouring. The keyboard can be cleaned occasionally by using a duster which has been slightly moistened with soapy water. You must never use any solvents, strong detergents or abrasive compounds to clean the keyboard as this will cause damage to the surface of the keys.

Temperature & humidity

Over 80% of your Brodmann is made from a special selected type of spruce, the best quality wood for the transmission of sound. Wood is still a living material which responds sensitively to the slightest changes in temperature and humidity. It is most important to try and maintain a stable environment for your piano to stand in.
Put simply, if you feel comfortable then your piano will not be suffering any extremes of temperature or humidity which may cause damage. The ideal environment can be set at between 50% to 55% relative humidity and about 18 -20 degrees Celsius for the whole room in which the piano is located, not just the local area around the piano.

Piano location

It is very important to stand your Brodmann in the correct place within your room, not only for the best results for sound production, but also to ensure that no other external factors detrimentally affect the piano in any way.
You should therefore take note the following items: Your Brodmann should not be placed next to, or over a source of direct heat, to an air-conditioning device or humidifier, in direct sunlight, in a draught. Ideally your piano will sound at its best if it can be placed on a wooden floor. Thick carpets will absorb some of the higher frequencies and could change the character of the sound produced.