Frankfurt Music Fair 2007 - The Brodmann Success Story Continues

Probably the worlds fastest growing Piano maker had a chance to present the newest additions to its piano line during this years exhibit of Frankfurt.
Hundreds of dealers, technicians, piano instructors and piano lovers visited one the largest and nicest booth in the Piano Hall 1.1 at the show in Frankfurt.
In less then 24 months since they started building pianos, the Brodmann Piano group has surprised the market with a full line of upright and grand pianos as well as veneered custom made pianos, the Vienna Edition. The Viennese, Austrian based company had a vision to produce high end pianos which are affordable to a vast majority of piano players, beginners as well as keen amateurs and they are also suitable for all institutions.
The Brodmann project which started in the late 90s by the former Bsendorfer executives Christian Hferl, Colin Taylor and Gerhard Sindelar, has been successful in realizing this vision.
Planning and preparing this project for nearly 5 years, and with the input of a number of well respected Austrian piano designers and technicians, Brodmann has introduced instruments with the renowned typical Austrian sound philosophy and a touch which is the envy of many. Music schools all over the world have acquired this new piano line praising it as the first high quality pianos in a price range of low to medium quality instruments.
The newest pianos shown at Frankfurt included the grand piano models BG 212, BG 228, BG 187 finished in high gloss Pyramid Mahogany, as well as new uprights, the Concert Piano BU 132, the Model BU 123 M in Mahogany and the Models Vienna edition VE 121. We are glad to welcome new Brodmann Dealers in Florida, New Zealand, Switzerland and Germany. We were very happy meeting you at our stand and discussing with you our latest product ideas and how together, we will both improve our business.  back