Quality Standards

Our highly experienced technical team uses only the finest quality raw materials to ensure world class quality, playability and durability. All grand pianos and concert upright pianos are completely handcrafted under strict quality control. American made pin blocks, German solid spruce soundboards, hammers, and strings as well as an Austrian/British designed action makes the overall quality Brodmann is known for.


Brodmann grand and concert upright pianos are fitted with the world famous Strunz sound boards. Founded in 1820, at the height of Joseph Brodmanns period of success in Vienna, the Strunz soundboard quickly became recognized as Europes leading producer of high quality tonewood. Based in Germany, the Strunz Company today remains the oldest producer of soundboards for pianos using only hand selected German spruce. The Joseph Brodmann Piano Group shares a close cooperation with the Strunz Company to ensure the highest possible standards and reliability.


The correct selection of the highest grade hammers is essential to the superb sound of a high quality piano. This is the reason Brodmann pianos have selected to work with the leading hammer producer Helmut Abel GmbH. For more than two generations, Helmut Abel has been hand crafting hammer heads for leading international manufacturers of upright pianos and grand pianos.
In their factory in Frankenhardt, Germany, they produce only top quality hammers for piano manufacturers. Made by hand or in series production, the carefully crafted hammer heads are chosen by Brodmann to be the best for bringing out a true Viennese tone.
All Brodmann grand pianos and concert upright pianos are fitted with Abel hammers, other Brodmann upright models use german hammer felts. Brodmann Piano Group works closely with Norbert Abel, the commercial director of Abel Hammers GmbH, to ensure that the finest quality is maintained at all times.

Action and keyboard

Brodmann Pianos has formed a joint cooperation venture with the Langer action group based in the UK. The Langer action group, originally known as Herrburger Brooks was founded in 1810, around the time Joseph Brodmann was reaching his preeminence in Vienna. Herrburger Brooks by the mid 1950s was the largest manufacturer of piano actions in Europe. Langer piano actions were first introduced in 1935, but in 1975 the new Langer action was introduced as an upgraded version of the world famous Schwander action. Together these 2 actions ensured Herrburger Brooks its leading position in this highly specialized field.
Traditionally built actions, crafted with all wooden parts, the actions and keys of the Brodmann pianos are a high quality feature of our instruments, creating a precise touch with a certainty required by the most demanding pianists.
As a result of this cooperation, all Brodmann piano actions are marked with the label BRODMANN Vienna Action designed in partnership with Langer U.K.


Even though pianos are considered percussion instruments, we like to think of Brodmann pianos as string instruments.
Like a beautiful violin, a piano relies much on high quality treble and copper wound bass strings. Like most high end piano makers, Brodmann uses Rslau wire to make strings for our instruments. Considered to be the finest string materials in the world, this German made product helps us insure the full tonal range that Brodmann pianos are known for.
All Brodmann grand and upright pianos are strung by hand, thereby ensuring the high levels of quality control needed to ensure the perfect string tension required to produce the best tonal range of sounds. The correct selection of strings on the Brodmann pianos are one of the important parts of the overall European sound we have achieved.

Pin block

A stable, high quality pin block is essential for the longevity and tuning stability of any piano. That is why Brodmann chose Burkel inc. to be the supplier for our grand and upright piano pin blocks. Made in the USA, Burkel is known for their development of a state of the art, high tech induction heating process that produces top quality wood products to meet the demanding specifications of todays world market.

Quality control

Brodmann Pianos have undertaken to introduce stringent quality control chec Brodmann pianos must pass stringent quality control checks at all stages of production to ensure that the piano is of the highest quality. Master technicians and piano builders from Austria oversee all production and final quality control. We are happy to have secured the expertise of former Bsendorfer production managers and master technicians, to ensure not only todays quality control, but also future research and development projects.


Joseph Brodmann Piano Group is proud of the quality of its grand and upright pianos. We therefore offer a ten year warranty on parts and labor on all of our instruments. The pianos are carefully prepared for your enjoyment before the instrument is delivered to your home. Please make sure your piano is well cared for. When you purchase a Brodmann piano we include a maintenance booklet for your information. This guide will help you to keep your piano in excellent condition for many years to come. It will give you instructions concerning general maintenance, tuning, voicing, regulation, cleaning, temperature control and other important factors of caring for your instrument. Please read the warranty card carefully and do not forget to register.