Berliner Philharmoniker

John York

JOHN YORK is well known on five continents as a musician of personality and compelling enthusiasm in a wide range  of pianistic and pedagogic activities. Press reaction to his recent performances has highlighted this 'impressive achievement in revealing the symmetry and perfecting the internal clarification.  more

Vesna Podrug, Vienna

Brodmann grand piano what a joy it is to play. Its full singing sustaining rich tone, its responsive touch and effortless playability makes the Brodmann piano an invaluable instrument, providing many delighted hours of playing for students and professional musicians.

Roland Batik, Pianist, Composer

effortless playability, brilliancy and the sustaining rich tone with incomparable value for money, make the Brodmann piano a highly recommended instrument for students as well as professional pianists .

Hyperion Knight, New York City

I recently had my first opportunity to perform on a Brodmann grand.  I wasn't sure what to expect from this relatively new line of pianos, but I was immediately struck by its beautiful luster and high-quality finish.  Looks are only skin-deep, of course, so the proof was in the playing - and what a joy it was to play!  The action was so crisp and  effortless that difficult passages seemed to play themselves.  I barely broke a sweat playing Liszt's devilishly difficult La Campanella, and Chopin's Nocturnes sang and wept.  I look forward eagerly to my next performance or practice session with a Brodmann concert instrument!

John York

Vesna Podrug

Roland Batik

Hyperion Knight, New York City