As a child I grew up in a musical family in South Africa, with my father playing violin from the age of 4yrs old. We were told stories of my father riding to his violin lessons on his bicycle, his violin strapped to his shoulders, in the City of Elizabethville, in the time when the Belgian's ruled the Congo. ... more

Alan & Kimberly

We have 7 children, our oldest is 19 and our youngest is 2. All of them (except the 2 year old), have taken piano lessons for many years and have grown up playing an old Shoninger piano which we inherited from my grandparents ... more


Our church had been looking for a grand piano for about a year. We were encouraged by a local piano teacher to take a seven hour drive to Heritage Pianos in Surrey, BC to meet Norbert Marten. He was knowledgable and had wonderful pianos. However it was the Brodmann that attracted my attention.
I was impressed at its workmanship and attention to detail ... more


I love my Brodmann Piano. I recently started my search by doing some research and headed out to several piano stores to locate a piano. It was starting out to be quite a chore but then I heard it! The tone was tremendous and such a powerful sound ... more

David & Kathleen

“Chopin said, ‘Your best piano, should be your first piano’ . . .” Glen said to us as we sat down at the new Brodmann. To our surprise, he deftly unscrewed the side blocks to the keyboard, and removed the board in what seemed like one sweeping motion to expose ... more


Nicht nur der wunderbare europäische Klang des Brodmann-Klavieres, aber auch die Leidenschaft für diese Instrumente und persönliche Betreuung des Händlers haben dazu beigetragen, ... more


My husband, Gray, gave me this beautiful piano for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. We have both taught in the public school systems in our area for thirty two years, and on sometimes a very limited budget, have raised three
sons of which we are very pround. My parents gave me the gift of a piano and lessons ... more


Definition of “sick and tired”: Me, after weeks of being taken away from my social life and forced into any store that sold pianos. Especially when the solution was so apparent. I started playing piano when I was four. I distinctly remember having to walk into the mysterious, dark office to practice on a keyboard for fifteen minutes everyday. The only reason I dared to go into that room, was my passion for piano and music. ... more


The romance of Austria has always held my husband and I captive, making it one of the most important places for us to visit in our lives. According to a great aunt, my husband's family is of Austrian lineage. In fact, he is quick to correct people who ask if he is German. Meaning no offense, he simply relishes the idea of Austria. ... more


I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters four years apart and they are the best of friends. They have sung together at school along side a piano and they make my heart soar. I love to hear them sind at home for family and friends, but, the one thing our little home was missing was a piano for the girls to play ... more


My son, Sinan, has a great interest in Music since his early ages. At three, he was listening to classic music concerts and at five he began to play the piano. When he was seven he had his first piano and began to take lessons. He continued his weekly lessons during his elementary education. After the elementary school he attended Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatoire entrance exams and he took the first degree at piano branch. He is a student in Conservatoire for five years now. ... more


Growing up there was always music in our home and I knew I wanted my children to grow up with music too. When my wife and I recently purchased our new home – which was the model, it was shown with a grand piano that looked beautiful, in the “music room. In my mind’s eye it changed the house into a home. ... more


My daughter Margo is the piano player and liked the rich tone of the Brodmann. The whole family likes the ebony finish and it looks great in our living room. Margo is 13 and has been playing the piano for five years and made the final decison on purchasing the Brodmann ... more


The Brodmann Piano that I purchase form Danny's Pianos & Organs Inc. thus captures its the gentleness and sweetness of each sounding note that is porduces when played. It's brilliant sound and craftmanship uniquely surpasses any other piano ... more

John P

We just bought the Brodmann upright from Jim Laabs Music in WI. The packers are packing the house for a move to Germany as we write, and Jim Laas arranged a special delivery. He sent two pianos over eight hours drive so we could choose between the Kawai K25 we called about and the Brodmann he recommended. After seeing ... more


I am a graduate of both the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and the Royal College of Music. I am currently recording my debut commercial CD and have performed extensively throughout the UK on some of the finest pianos available. I have experiene in playing new pianos ... more


Dear Sirs,
I purchased a Brodmann piano in October of 2006 from Karnes Music in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Our Brodmann grand piano was really a gift from my parents. It was my Mom and Dad who brought music into my childhood home ... more


As a child I always dreamed of one day being able to play piano. I didn't think we could afford a piano or lessons. But as an adult my own daughter wanted to play piano. We bought a used piano and decided that she and I would both take lessons. I was unhappy with that piano. And for several years I have dreamed of owning a grand piano believing it was something to work up to ... more


My name is Kristina W. My talent on the piano is minimal, but I have the deppest love for music. Fortunately, my four small children have been greatly blessed with the ability and talent to play the piano. My oldest son, age 11, gets up every morning between 4-5am to practive the piano, the organ and now the viola ... more


Choosing the Brodmann BG 187 came as no surprise when I was searching for the right grand piano to pursue my ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music DipABRSM) piano diplomas. Musicians say the instrument is the body and soul of the pianist, as it delivers his/her intentions through the keys and sound of the instrument. The Brodmann grand satisfies my ears and inner feelings. ... more


Last year, I started to take piano lessons again after a 20 some years interval. I started to learn playing the piano when I was 5 and continued until 16. I quit a little while and I played again when I was 20 years old. After that, I have never played seriously until last year. Something woke my interest in music suddenly. I was like struck by the piano sound and orchestra symphony. Needless to say, I begged my daughter's piano teacher and started taking piano lessons. ... more


I am married with 4 sons, 3 of whom play the piano (#4 will start soon). Our piano teacher has, for the last several years, encouraged us to consider the purchase of a grand piano based on the advancement in ability that my two older sons have experienced ... more


We went to Ludwig Aeolian in St. Louis to look for a new piano. We thought before we arrived there that we knew what brand and model that we would purchase. The salesman there showed us the new Broadmann pianos that they had just got in. We were immediately impressed with the rich sound and the distinctive look of the Brodmann pianos. ... more

Ralf D.

My son Ben started piano lessons about the time he turned six. Of course it wasn’t his idea. His school had arranged for a teacher to give lessons after classes in the afternoons, which made the logistics easy. However, since there were no musicians in the family, ... more


My grandparents were born in the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. They loved music and had a piano in their home. I have played the piano and accordion professionally for many years. I was very interested in the fact that the Brodmann Company was headquartered in Vienna. ... more


Our church has several gifted piano players and no one enjoyed playing the piano we had. It's tone was harsh, too bright and irritating.
We needed a piano that would satisfy the professional ... ... more


Why I selected a Brodmann Model 187 Grand Piano:
I have been a professional pianist and fulltime piano teacher for more than thirty years. I have a strong preference for a piano with a warm tone and responsive action, which is why I have held onto my 1916 Baldwin L grand piano and spent a lot of money having it rebuilt and maintained regularly over the past 35 years. Last spring it became clear that it was time to finally replace that piano, so I started searching for one that would come close to the quality of my Baldwin ... more

Susan S.

I am the proud owner of a Brodmann PE 187 which I received as an ultimate dream gift from my boyfriend. I was playing a Casio keyboard when he asked me if he could "buy me a real piano". We shopped used grand pianos, but didn't find one that met his high standard of quality. We shopped at Schmitt Music and looked at Kawai and Yamaha pianos which he liked, but he wasn't fully satisfied with the sound or craftsmanship ... more

Tammy F

Our teacher's branch has just purchased a Brodmann Grand 187. It will be used not only for events such as recitals and workshops, but it will be used as the piano for our conservatory examinations. Students travel from up to three hours away to do their exames here, so we needed a piano that is worthy of the task ... more

V Child

These are the main reasons why we chose the Brodmann: It was one of the best pianos we saw in our price range We were impressed with the background of the makers, their connections to the best European traditions
We liked the salesman ... more


My wife is an elementary school orchestra teacher, and she also teaches private violin lessons at home. She had been wanting to get a piano for our home to allow her to accompany her students during lessons and also to play for her own enjoyment. She had wanted to just get a cheap used piano ... more


We had planned to purchase a grand piano in the near future. One day, I contacted Piano Factory Gallery and they mentioned Brodmann piano. We had no information or knowledge about any piano on the market but certainly did not wat to pay a high price on a Chinese piano ... more

Mary Rose loves playing and singing on Greg's Brodmann.